Thrift Finds: Op shopped gifts part of your Christmas strategy?

Retro vintage sorbet color Tupperware leftover storage container

Active duty for these retro Tupperware containers

Well, I found my way back to the Opawa Community Op Shop.  It took me awhile to get there, & I wound up half way to Lyttelton, but it was worth it.

Cheers to Nin, from Make. Life. Beautiful. for introducing me to a fab Op Shop.  I still owe her a vintage sifter to say thanks!

Thrifting Budget: Call me a liar Optimistic, but I think I need to alter my thrifting budget. The last 2 weeks I’ve spent $13.  Of course that is right after I blogged my weekly op shop allowance is $10

So you all know, I came home with more than what I’ve posted here. I just can’t show you 🙂

Why: I’m planning to give some of these goodies away as Christmas gifts and as part of the trans Tasman Travelling Linen Stash organised by the fabulous blogger from A Little Bit Country

The travelling linen stash retro vintage yellow green gold floral apron linen

“Green & Gold” for the Trans Tasman Retro Linen Swap

Retro vintage travelling linen stash blue yellow floral terry cloth apron

Helping put the kitsch back in kitchen!

My Criteria for Giving Thrifted Gifts:

  • Thrifted item must be clean
  • Thrifted item must be in good condition.
  • Thrifted item must be something recipient would enjoy
  • Thrifted item must fit into my budget (which seems to need adjusting!)
  • Thrifted item is destined for someone who won’t be weirded out receiving a preloved gift

Am trying to be super organised this year: I have a chance to send some Christmas gifts with travelling family.  Thinking light, compact, unique & thrifted.

Do you give op shopped gifts?  Have any “rules” for shopping this “Silly Season”

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re an Op Shopping Ninja who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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7 responses to “Thrift Finds: Op shopped gifts part of your Christmas strategy?

  1. Very nice Heather. I prefer op-shopped or home made presents and i do give them too. I agree they have be immaculate, unless an antique or off the scale super cool. I found a ride on push along hippo for fin for xmas. $6. Sold by nanna who bought it for visiting grandson to use, but he’d out grown it. Was what we were going to buy him$120! So stoked x

    • Hey Max, love the thought of Nana onselling a hippo! I bet Finns gonna love it, especially now he’s getting faster by the day. Love that pic of his little leg. Hope you had a good long weekend :)heather

  2. I have given op-shop gifts before. It has to be suitable and relevant to the person, not just some old bit of rubbish. They have to be in good condition or in vintage condition, with the recipient being aware of it’s 2nd hand nature. Some people are ok with it, some people you would never buy second hand stuff for (with them knowing!). I’m all about re-gifting and recycling. Some of the best gifts I have given have been 2nd hand things or gifts that were given to me but more suitable for someone else. As long as the thought is there and you really think the person matches the gift, I don’t think it matters!

    • Hi Violet Annie, love that regifting.I’m always careful though to keep track of who I got the gift from. I’ve never gotten mixed up, but have received a regifted Xmas pressie that I gave 2 yrs prior. Lol :)H

      • Oh yes, that’s a worry! I am usually pretty good at remembering and, if in any doubt, I play it safe and don’t re-gift! 🙂

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