Op Shop Finds: Vintage Pyrex

pyrex casserole dish glassware vintage retro thrifting

Pretty and versatile, no wonder Pyrex is a kitchen staple

Hmm, see what happens when one broadens their thrifting and op shopping horizons…it can take you in a whole new direction. Visit a different Op Shop or charity store and look what one can discover!

 Up till recently the sum total of Pyrex in my kitchen was 2 glass measuring cups and a mini lasagne dish.

 Think Home Hardware or Canadian Tire circa 1996, not the vintage pieces collectors covet.

Pyrex glassware bottom vintage retro

bottoms up!

  The casserole dish and lid come from the Christchurch EcoShop, a place I hardly ever go to because its a pain in the butt to get out of their parking lot and head back to chez Baron. It’s a bit grungy so popped onto the Pyrex Love site to figure out how to clean it up before I use it.  The top and bottom appear to go together, but they were being sold separately, which makes me wonder…  Is that how Pyrex is normally sold in charity shops, or was this some strange pricing strategy by the Op Shop staff  who had no clue/don’t care about glassware?

Pyrex Vintage retro glassware
Is this top supposed go with the base I found?

Why did I feel the need to pick these up?  Well, now that I’m spending  time in a decent kitchen and cooking a little,  maybe I was secretly jealous of those 1970s & 80’s brides who received their sets as wedding gifts.  Actually, I’d seen some of the fab pieces other Thrifters were showing on the weekly link-ups and wanted to bring some colour into this big and functional but “greyiege” kitchen (it’s a rental!)

Pyrex vintage retro glassware base casserole dish

Hmm Pasta bake, broccoli & cheese, or chocolate self saucing pudding?

Unlike the casserole dish which is going to get a lot of I use, I really didn’t need another baking bowl. But, there is a Boys & Girls Club Op Shop on Stroubridge Street in Spreydon that I wanted to check out.

(Next to a great fish n chip shop btw)

Pyrex glassware vintage retro baking op shop show off thrifting Agee

By the looks of it this bowl has made many batches of cookies, but am sure its good for a few more

Like the Op shop, the bowl is showing its age, but has good bones.  Have found some great bits and bobs at this Op Shop (and missed out on a couple items I figured would still be there in a couple days)

pyrex baking bowl glassware vintage retro

For those who are interested in the stamp…doesn’t really mean much to me

Now that I think of it, if I were to make a chocolate self saucing pudding or an apple crumble I could use Pyrex in the prep, baking and serving stages of the dessert.  There’s a marketing term for that, brand  saturation or something like that. Not sure that those marketers were thinking of the thrifted Pyrex version.  These dessert/cereal bowls are getting a lot of use though.

milk glass Pyrex dish ice cream retro vintage

Used to serve the chocolate self saucing pud….

I don’t think Pyrex is going to take over my kitchen cupboards like the retro Tupperware has, but it’s a welcome and useful addition to the mix.

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or plans for your own Pyrex stash in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re one of those Op shopping ninjas who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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20 responses to “Op Shop Finds: Vintage Pyrex

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I’m following you now and heading over to Facebook as well!! I have to read more of your posts – Pyrex does brighten up a room, doesn’t it??

    • Cheers Jill for following along! The Pyrex definately cheers up the kitchen, especially now that its turned cooler. Loved your post this week, particularly the Golden seal books. There were several things I couldve commented on, but didnt want to write you a novel. The Very Best Home for Me Golden Seal book is a favourite in this house and gets read at least twice a day!

    • Morning Liz, I managed to have a little peek this morning before my little one woke up! Whats that phrase Great Minds think alike… though Mum kindly suggested that I probably have a mismatched top and bottom on the casserole dish. Oh well, doesnt worry me much :0)

    • Hi Heather, Cheers for the compliment. I think it was really a fluke to find the bowl. I actually used it last night, so it might get more use than I originally thought. The Pyrex I do see in Op Shops down these parts of CHCH seem to be really well used. For example there is a white and black snowflake dinner set of 6 in one of my fav shops that’s been sitting there for at least 3 weeks, but its in really rough shape. Not even the Op Shop Ninjas who comb the place over are interested.

  2. i have to say i like the faded look, especially in such a pretty colour. i’m not big on pyrex, though we have a couple of hand-me-down ones, except for the turquoise with snowflakes ones. i dream of finding an in good nick one of those babes!

    • Hiya Max, you’re not the only one who’s a bit “meh” on Pyrex. Mum has warned me about chips and getting cut if they break. She prefers pottery. I haven’t seen any turquoise snowflake Pyrex in my travel to date, but will keep my eyes peeled for you 🙂

  3. Cheers for the compliment. Funnily enough, I actually needed to use the pink bowl last night while making dinner. I drool over those bright coloured pyrex butter dishes, but they really aren’t that practical for this household

    • Evening Ruth, cheers for the compliment. I figure retro kitchenware brightens up the place a bit. Otherwise I’d have to cook in a functional but pretty blah and uninspiring modern kitchen

  4. I would guess that your faded piece has been dishwashered. If you have a dishwasher, don’t put your pyrex in there! It ruins the finish. I love that red and white piece. I’m always interested to see how different pyrex patterns show up in other countries.

    • LOL Becky, I’m the only dishwasher around here these days…the dishwasher had some creative technical assistance by my 2yr old and she’s mucked up the electrics… I’d say you’re correct though, this bowl appears to have been well washed. Lucky no chips or cracks that I can see

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