Opawa Community Op Shop: How I ticked an item off my thrifting wish list

retro vintage floral sifter old school

lots of sifting going on these days

The Opawa Community Op Shop was kinda like a thrifting treasure hunt, & I can’t wait to visit again. Now, if I could only figure out how to get back there.

I thought I had a return trip sussed, but the roadworks going on surrounding this Op Shop has it virtually beseiged by diggers, traffic cones, & construction workers fixing the sewer mains.  I just hope they are still getting lots of visitors.

The Sifter: on my wishlist for yonks.  I’d spied one in an antique mall/resellers shop in Woolston, but wasn’t about to pay $35 for it.  I knew if I bided my time & kept looking, one would turn up.

How I found it: Always look to the floor! Look both high and low. Some of my best finds have been found under the tables or up high on shelves.

I am still hunting for another sifter as a thank you pressie for the Op Shopping Ninja who introduced me to this fantastic shop, the lovely  Nin from Sailor Spy and Make. Life. Beautiful. By bringing me to the Opawa Op Shop she Made. My. Month. !  :o)

red apron vintage retro this mum rocks

the red apron has already seen heavy kitchen duty

The Other Goodies from the Opawa thrift Shop:

Aprons: It seems I am amassing a small collection of aprons.  I’m a bit messy in the kitchen, but that’s not all that surprising. I blame it on being a lefty.  This red apron reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood, & was just one of 4 aprons I picked up.  The other aprons are deserving of their own post, perhaps worthy of a link up to Op Shop Mama’s collection linky.

Books:  Some childhood faves

A very young gymnast jill krementz this mum rocks

my FAVOURITE library book, circa 1985/86

The BOOK:  I was pretty excited to find this book in the thrift shop.  So much so, that it warranted a video Skype call to my parents.  I LOVED  A Very Young Gymnast…In fact I think there was a period of 2-3years in the mid 80s when I pretty much had it on permanent loan from the Winchelsea Elementary School Library  Flipping through, I showed my hubby all my favourite photos.

Little Golden Books Op Shop Thrift Finds Retro Vintage Books Red Riding Hood Old Mother Goose

More Little Golden Book classics to add to the growing collection

Must’ve been the day for Little Red Riding Hood!  I’ve got a pic of me & the little one dressed as LRRH for the Featherston Christmas Parade  somewhere in the saved photos.  If I find it, I’ll update the post and add the pic.

Little Golden Books Op Shop Thrift Finds Retro Vintage Books back cover yellow

Even the back covers are fab

Opawa Op Shop Highlights: The volunteers at this Op Shop take real pride in their wares.  The place is clean, tidy, organised & very reasonably priced. They have lots of clothes & accessories (Nin came home with a fab pair of  ‘date night” heels/stilettos, definitely deserving of an Op Shop Showoff Post!)  The linen section is fantastic.   The linens are priced a little higher than some of the other shops I’ve visited in Christchurch, but I feel its $$ well spent considering the presentation  and cleanliness of the shop.  Lets not forget, these volunteers are there to raise funds for various charitable projects.

Have you ticked anything off your thrifting wish list lately?  Ever come home super excited because you’ve stumbled upon a childhood favourite?  Do you have a favourite section in your local Op Shop?

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re an Op Shopping Ninja who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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21 responses to “Opawa Community Op Shop: How I ticked an item off my thrifting wish list

    • Cheers Thrifting Couture…thanks for following along! love your maxi dress post btw, the great thing about thrifting is that you can try all sorts of styles without the big financial/emotional commitment. If it doesn’t work, simply donate it back to the Op Shop. 🙂

    • Thanks H.L.K! Was pretty stoked to find it. Now need to find one for Nin! I reckon Tuesday mornings are hit or miss depending on the shop. There is one I visit which has a fantastic Tuesday morning, another where the shelves are empty. Must depend on the availability of the volunteers.

  1. Ooooh, nice sifter! Thanks for the tip off, i had no idea opawa had an oppy either. Lord knows when i’ll make it down there but i shall dream of finding something on my list there too in the meantime!

    • Hi Max, if you know Opawa at all, it’s basically across the street from their community garden…but over the last week the surrounding streets seem to be blocked off for construction work. Nin took me via a back route, to avoide this, but now even that seems to be blocked off! It’s a great shop though…tons of clothes. They even had a good little free bin.

  2. Congrats on the check off! I love that feeling. I always get giddy.

    My favourite library book was a coin book. I don’t know why I always checked it out. I rarely got any new coins in that book.

    • Kia Ora Sir! As I visit new Op Shops, my list is getting shorter. I review the list about every 6mths to see if I still need/want the items, but this sifter was definately a want! I had to laugh at the coin book, my grandparents tried to get me started on coin collecting,but I just wasnt that keen…it was about the same time as the Gymnast book. More interested in doing cartwheels and handsprings 🙂

    • This is definately a baking phase in our kitchen. My 2year old loves the mixing and stirring and sifting. Even had to make a “salad cake” (a beetroot chocolate cake)

    • Firstly, great post on your recent earthquake experience. Good idea to write about some of the practicalities and how you stacked up in light of all the post CHCH quake advice. Will comment on your post on your blog. Would love to see what Golden Books you have. Perhaps we could arrange a swap. There’s a book I have 100Mile diet, I thought you might be interested in. It’s circa 2005/2006, but if you liked Animal Vegetable Mineral (I didn’t particularly, but I’m a biased Canadian!) I could pass it on.

      • There’s no need for a swap, I have had them sitting here for ages for no other reason other than I knew I would eventually pass them on to someone if I got them when I saw them for practically nothing. Will seek them out at some stage and send you a photo, there’s only 3 or 4 I think and you may not want them.
        Thanks for above 🙂

    • Hi Nyssa, Agreed…also under the racks of clothes and in corners. You never know what you will find! My best find like that so far has been a bin of belts, all neatly folded and tucked away because of lack of space in the shop.

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