Op Shop Finds: Leather Belts for Emma Makes

How often do you Op Shop for someone else? Do you hit the charity shops and sales with a specific item or idea in mind, or do you find things randomly?  If you are a reseller, do you have clients that send you op shopping for specific items?
I ask because last week I was in thrifting heaven: I op shopped for an amazing craftswoman who upcycles & refashions leather belts
Op Shop Thrifted womens Leather Belts Op
into vintage inspired bags: 

Call it another case of Op Shopping Karma.  A couple weeks back Emma, from Emma Makes,  put the call out to her thrifting buddies.  She was on the hunt for leather belts to make her fab pixie bags.

 When I heard this, I knew the Wairarapa Op Shop waist cincher &  accessory inventory must be pretty sparse.  You see, Emma is another Op Shopping Ninja

  My very first thrifting interaction with Emma was back in 2009 when she read a wishlist I posted for the Featherston Community Centre. Emma slyly dropped off an awesome Art Deco Tea Trolley she thrifted & donated to the Centre.

Community Centre visitors frequently comment on that trolley

Here was my chance to return the Op Shopping favour.

Op Shopped Thrifted Leather Belts Emma Makes Pixie bags

Mission: The belts needed to be under 1″ wide & colours were preferable.

After sifting through several bins & racks of men’s and women’s belts, I suspect that Cantabrians are quite conservative when it comes to their leather accessories.

Op Shopped Op Shop finds Thrifted Leather Belts Emma Makes Pixie Bag

Results: This was actually the second batch of belts I’ve sent Emma. I found them at the Christchurch City Mission Sydenham shop.  The first batch came courtesy of the Addington Salvy, but was so excited about my finds that day I forgot to take a picture & tried to post Emma my car keys!

Why  I like Emma Makes: I am notoriously hard on my clothes & accessories & Emma’s bags make the grade. While I don’t have an Emma Makes Pixie Bag, I carry one of her shoulder bags everywhere I go.  It’s perfect for me & is Baron proof.

@emmamakes FYI, ur shoulder bags can carry:1lunchbox, drink bottle, 4nappies, pack wipes, size 6 shoes, hairbrush, lion, sheep, &little pony

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own experiences with upcycling op shop finds or op shopping for someone else in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re one of those Op shopping ninjas who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

disclaimer: I’ve been  compensated  for sending Emma these belts…just not sure what yet (the surprise is in the post)

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11 responses to “Op Shop Finds: Leather Belts for Emma Makes

  1. The bags are very cool. Have you come across Dotty Angel? A young friend put me on to her and I just found a book in the library by her….I think I might actually try some of her neat vintage projects.

    • Cheers Linda, love your Thermaii post this week! It’s funny I had to think about calling Emma a Ninja, as I think she’s really more a Samurai. It’s just she was really sly about dropping off the Tea trolley. One of the best days at work ever, when I arrived and it was waiting for me outside my office door.

    • Hi Louana, I think I just lucked out, as there was a big bin of them at the City Mission. They weren’t really on display, just tucked under the rack of coats. I’m hoping Emma will be able to use them, if not I’m sure Stella at Featherstons Own, the Op Shop down the street from the Craft Country Shop will take them.

  2. belts as bag handles, very clever! i like to op-shop presents and i know what sorts of things my friends like/collect but i dont op-shop to order as such x

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