Op Shop Show Off: Afternoon Tea

Scone holder This Mum Rocks Op Shop Showoff hot cross bun scone hol

Hot Cross Bun Anyone?

Is it a bit cheeky to post a pic of homemade Hot Cross Buns post Easter?  Then again, I seem to recall “skiting” (is that the word?) in the Op Shop Show-Off was permitted. There were several afternoon tea inspired posts in last weeks thrift store treasure finds on the Op Shop Show-Off so I dug around to see what I picked up at various 2nd hand stores, garage sales, & op shops.

As a little sweetener to your Afternoon Tea:  In this post I’ll let you in on a hospo secret: the best time the year to have that world famous Afternoon Tea at The Fairmont Empress in Victoria BC Canada.

But first, a casual cuppa courtesy of This Mum Rocks

Op shop Showoff this mum rocks tea cosy

Earl Grey, Lady Grey, or Gumboot?

The tea cosy was picked up at the same time as the scone holder from the Westport Salvation Army.  Am loving both.  One small caveat about the hot cross buns in the pic above: I didn’t make them.  They were however made in my kitchen by my good friend Shara who came to visit for part of the Easter long weekend.

Tea pot Op shop showoff this mum rocks tea co

And Underneath the Tea Cosy…

Tea pot found at the Carterton Salvation Army shop about 10 years ago. Small chip in the spout, but works great.

Op shop Showoff this mum rocks cream sugar set

Cream or sugar anyone?

I’m detecting a bit of a theme here, as I found the cream and sugar set at the Masterton Salvation Army.

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Showo

Great for those little cakes and nibbles

Mum picked up about 10 of these little plates for on one of her own NZ op shopping mission when here on holidays….found on a day trip to Woodville & Dannevirke. Like I said in previous posts, Op Shopping is in the DNA

Op Shop Show off This Mum rocks afternoon tea m

Tea Anyone?

Funny thing: Looking back I don’t think I paid more than $5NZ for the whole lot.

So now, a bit of advice for taking Afternoon Tea at The Empress from someone who used to take the Tea Bookings (note: its been 10 years since I worked there, things could’ve changed a bit)

This Mum Rocks Afternoon Tea op shop show Off

Welcome to the Fairmont Empress, this is Heather, how may I direct your call?

  • Best Time of Year (aka the quietest and cheapest): Last 2 Weeks in January. Avoid July-September if you can, and days like Valentines or Mothers Day. Too many people.  800 Afternoon Teas in a day @ $50-60 a pop.
  • Best Time of Day: about 3pm…in the busy months, July & August they would routinely have “Afternoon Teas” at like 11 or 7 which I thought was kinda weird
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual.  No Jeans Please or White Running Shoes.  Think about it for a minute, you are going into one of the nicest hotels in the country and you want to wear a fanny pack to Afternoon tea??? Make the most of it and dress for the occasion
  • Asking for seconds:  Umm, its meant to be light refreshments, not an all you can eat buffet. “Its a refreshing afternoon treat.  For a great follow-up meal, you may wish to consider dining with us in the Bengal Lounge” (which had a great atmosphere, my fav of all the dining options at the Empress)
  • Take someone who will appreciate it. Toddlers, and bored husbands breathing through their noses might not be the best choice.

Have an Afternoon Tea setting that’s more casual than chic?

 I’d love to see…Share with us on the Op Shop Showoff!

10 responses to “Op Shop Show Off: Afternoon Tea

  1. I have been eating scones my whole life and i have never met a scone holder! I beti’ll see them everywhere i go now i know they exist! That hotel looks amazing, what a fantastic spot for a high tea. In my (ex) neck of the woods i’d have to recommend little bettys tea room in york, england. gorgeous ambience, all tinkling teaspoons on china.
    Great to have you linking up, have a great week x

    • hey Max, this is only the second one I’ve seenmso i snapped it up. The other one I saw was brought into a ladies quilting get together at the Featherston Community Centre.

  2. lots of cute things. the hot cross buns look delish. what a lovely friend. I love the tablecloth in that last pic too and the empress.. wow!

    • Yep the table cloth is op shopped too, but have had it for eons. Gotta admit, the Empress was a pretty interesting place to work in. Favourite part was on the midnight shift walking thru the public areas admiring all the floral displays. They had a dedicated florist who changed the displays weekly

  3. Heather I love this idea of showing Op Shop finds. Especially the little stories that go with each find. So cool!

    • Hey Kerri, it’s a great idea. I’ve been following the Op Shop Show-Off for a couple months now, but have only just started posting my own finds. I see from your tag line you are into clothes…that could work on the Op Shop Show-Off, or on Wardrobe Wednesday, hosted by Kiwi Women’s Style

    • Great to meet you too Linda! The best thing I’ve picked up from the Masterton Sallies is a HUGE glass jar for 50c that I store the homemade muesli in. It’s used every day! There are so many great op shops on the Wairarapa, and am even more envious now that I’ve shifted, there are a couple new shops in Featherston!

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