Rockin the Kiwi Summer in Granity


This Mum Rocks photo of Granity West Coast New Zealand

the West Coast at its best!

My home away from home

Perhaps its true, once a West Coaster always a West Coaster (though technically I grew up on the east coast of Vancouver Island).  We discovered Granity about 6 years ago on Google Earth.  We were searching for surf spots & found our little slice of heaven.

Granity is known for its rocks: it has one of the best rock collecting beaches I’ve ever come across.

This Mum Rocks pic of Granity Beach West Coast New Zealand

Rocks, Rocks & more Rocks

Actually, Granity is  probably better known because the Stockton coal mine is just up the hill from the township.  Most of the residents have some sort of connection to the mine.  For us, we rent the house out to people who “work up the hill”.

The House, aka The Canadian High Commission’s Granity Outpost:

This Mum Rocks Granity House aka Canadian High Commission Granity Outpost

I was surprised to see the house has been popular on YouTube.  The previous owner was part of a series of videos on Granity.

Here’s  their tribute to scones.  It’s got some great shots of  Granity & the beach…Enjoy!

4 responses to “Rockin the Kiwi Summer in Granity

  1. Love the video! Brings back memories of Japan – got to love the Japanese enthusiasm for life – a tribute scones! LOL!

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