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Kia Ora & welcome to This Mum Rocks!- a blog by a retro, op shopping, suburban Mum


Thanks for visiting! I’m Heather Baron, a Canadian who met & married a Kiwi, living in Christchurch New Zealand. I’m now in my 30’s with a young  one trying to make sense of this thing called parenthood/adulthood.

Why This Mum Rocks:

Originally I started This Mum Rocks, to compliment my weekly radio programme that aired on ArrowFM 92.7. The focus of This Mum Rocks changed after I shifted to Christchurch and discovered many of the Garden city’s great Op Shops.

I post my thrift and op shop finds weekly on Monday/Tuesday (depending on the time zone you’re in) and share these posts via several link parties in NZ, Canada, the US, and the UK.

If time allows, I also plan to post about my veggie garden adventures and urban cycling experiences in CHCH.

Contact Me:  For details on how to contact me, please click here.  If you’re into the Social Media thing, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn.  If you like what you read/hear, I’d love to hear from you:  thismumrocks AT gmail.com.

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This mum rocks heather baron

  • Hometown: Parksville BC Canada, home of the legendary SOS thrift shop
  • Fave Song Lyric:  “Its like paradise, spread out with a butter knife” Mother Mother
  • Fave Colour: Orange
  • Unusual quirks:  Strange compulsion to wear plaid hats (see pic above) & the fact that I know how to make large batches of smoked sausages.

I hope you’ve liked this intro to This Mum Rocks.  Feel free to click the comment button below & let me know what you think.

😮 Heather

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