Op Shop Finds: Saved from the Granity Op Shop

This Op Shop Show Off post could also be titled Cool Stuff Renters leave behind.  People often talk about the horrible stuff renters leave behind, but every so often you get someone with great taste and it feels like Santa was flatting and left all sorts of goodies.
Here are some treats that were left off our most recent Granity Op Shop donation trailer load, and made their way to our house instead.

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Show Off Blue Ottoman

Future Naughty corner seat?

We actually inherited 3 of the 4 sections, and have used 2 in the play areas of the house. The 3rd section was left in the mud room of the rental so people can take a seat while removing their footwear.

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Show Off Wooden Bedside Table

Handy bedside table

Some bedside tables.  The white table is perfect for a DIY makeover, if I ever get my act together.  Then again, chances are it will stay as it is and evoke that perfect “shabby chic” look.

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Showoff White bedside table

DIY Project or Keep the Shabby Chic look?

I think this was picked up by one of the tenants in an effort to personalize the space.  Alas, it didn’t fit any of the lights in the house.

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Showoff Light Fixture

Misfit light fixture

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Showoff abandoned fabric

Abandoned fabric

This fabric actually goes perfectly with the carpet of the place we are currently renting. Am actually pretty chuffed that as a non-sewer I managed to cobble together these 2 cushions. (I blame it on being left handed, all the creative genes went to my brother.  I inherited the garage sale/thrifting gene)

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Show Off  AlphabetFridge Magnets

Someone got magnets for their birthday recently! Thanks Aunty & Uncle

This Mum Rocks Op SHop Show off Alphabet Fridge Magnets

Have you inherited some real treats or treasures from former renters?  Any crazy horror stories?  I’d love to hear.

Linking up with Max @ the Op Shop Show Off  and The Nifty Thrifty @ a Living Space

8 responses to “Op Shop Finds: Saved from the Granity Op Shop

  1. Those last magnet photos are super cool! Were they inspired by the bloggers conference? Nice finds too – I sometimes feel like the op-shops here are a bit picked over but hopefully that just means I’m gearing up for a great day soon.

    • I love writing messages with fridge magnets, even the magnetic poetry ones. I would say the Wairarapa op shops are definately picked over, as you get the city folk popping over as well. My Mum loves coming to visit and going to Woodville and Dannevirke and visiting the shops there. Also, it always seems better earlier in the week.

  2. Hey Heather, thanks for the compliment! I just love the colour. I think it helps that the Granity house attracts real artsy creative types. I’ve also had some real random things too. Most recently a really cheesy wood panel/ vinyl bar in bad condition. Just couldn’t think of any way to make that one over 🙂

  3. i love your fridge magnet messages, very cheerful looking! i’m laughing at the idea of a naughty corner seat, it reminded me we had one at infants school all those years ago, but it had an uncomfortable old stool (yes, i spent a wee bit of time there heh!) not a stylish little number like yours. i suspect hannah will relish sitting in the naughty corner should you send her there just as claud does when i send her to her room (she just bounces on the bed singing!). great to have you linkying, and BRILLIANT to meet you in the flesh on the weekend. looking forward to an op-shopping outing x

  4. LOL, I NEVER would have picked you for one to be sent to the time out chair! Yep, Hannah is of the bouncing on the bed singing sort too. Thinks its hilarious. I figure that at least this chair/seat has enough space if she wants to flop about having a tanty & letting off some steam. Shes been pretty good so far, but given her genes, its bound to come in handy :o) Loved your comment I saw about an Op Shopping portion to the next Bloggers get together. In the meantime a local excursion may be in order.

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