Op Shop Show Off: My 3 Kitchen Faves

Hi everyone, I’m taking the plunge back into posting.  I enjoyed blogging while the radio programme was running, and now that the family has shifted to CHCH I thought I might shift gears on the This Mum Rocks blog as well.

I’ve followed the Op Shop Showoff for several months now and wanted to join in. Most friends and family know that I love a good op shop or garage sale.  I blame it  on my genes:my grandmother Margaret was a garage sale ninja! So, here are my 3 faves!:

Op shop find bakeLite radio on this mum rocks

Favourite Op Shop Find

1. Working Bakelite Radio

Found: Te Aroha ( is that in the Waikato or Coromandel?)

Cost: $25

Source of much debate between the  hubby and I, as he used to think it was a white elephant. Now that we’re in Christchurch and have better reception it is tuned into RadioNZ and is used for several hours each day.

Op shop Showoff this mum rocks bread bowl

A bread bowl just like Mom’s

2. Bread Bowl

Found: Jim’s Collectables,  Featherston Wairarapa

Cost: $3

Used on a weekly basis, and like every other well used brown bread bowl I’ve seen it has a crack on the inside.  I think it must be a defect in the mold. Most recently used for a salt water ice bath when making mozzarella. The cheese result: for a first  attempt, not bad, I’d give the 4 small cheeses a 6.5/10.

Op shop Showoff retro orange tupperware

Orange Retro Tupperware for the food scraps

3. Orange Retro Tupperware Container

Found: Christchurch City Mission Sydenham Op Shop

Cost: $1

Used to store food scraps that we can feed the dog. With a two year old in the house, this means our dog Brew gets some pretty mean lunches.

Have you turned an Op Shop find into one of your Kitchen must haves?

Id love to see…Share with us on the Op Shop Showoff!

15 responses to “Op Shop Show Off: My 3 Kitchen Faves

  1. Love the bowl…my mum owns a couple of these that were her mums…I inherited the one with a pink glaze on the inside…..my first pick everytime! 🙂

    • Ooh a pink glaze, that would be cool. Did any of these bowls have a crack on the inside? Seriously, I’ve seen like 6 of these through the years both in NZ and Cananda, and they all have a similar crack.

  2. At first, I thought your subtext would be “white” but then the beautiful orange of the Tupperware shone through

  3. Hi heather! Great to have you linking up, especially with such a fine selection of finds. The bakealite radio is invoking lust here, its a beauty and on my list. There used to be a shop on worcester st (i think) near the square pre earthquakes that sold working retro radios such as yours and they were really expensive, but good window shopping, hope the shop is still going somewhere in the suburbs….
    Ps plenty of retro tupperwear here too, mainly the brown stuff with gold decoration x

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    • hey Angie, I’d love to, but I take the worst selfless and haven’t found a person willing to take the pics…then again, you could have your own blog and post. There are several fashion related link ups you could post to. The one I immediately think of is Wardrobe Wednesday hosted by Kiwi Women’s Style. Most of her clothes are preloved, about the same quality as those in your shop, or even slightly more casual

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