Op Shop Finds: What’s your favourite retro tupperware colour?


For me, its a toss up between matte and transparent green.

Old school tupperware seems to be taking over my kitchen.  I wouldn’t consider myself a collector of retro tupperware, but it seems that each op shopping or thrifting mission finds me drawn to these vintage tupperware colours like a moth to a flame.

retro sorbet color cereal bowls tupperware vintage

I actually came home with 6…the small white container is storing leftovers in the fridge.

These little bowls were hiding in the bric-a-brac section of the Sydenham Savemart.  I went in searching for jeans (scored a great pair of black Guess skinnies btw) and came home with some sorbet coloured cereal bowls to boot!  My little one loves them and has to have her morning Ricies in the green one. (and only the green!)

Vintage orange tupperware oil and vinegar salad dressing container retro old school

Salad dressing?…actually more like servingware for Kid’s Coffee and tea parties

Orange is a favourite colour in this house, and a chance excursion to the Woolston thrift shops and 2nd hand stores turned up this little beaut.  I went to Woolston to pick up beer from the 3 Boys Brewery (best wheat beer) and stumbled on several op shops while searching for a parking space.   Hmm, the hubby gets good beer, I get to go thrifting, kinda seems like a win-win situation to me!

green old tupperware vintage container

I went to a blogging conference, and brought home tupperware

I needed a new pancake mixing bowl after old one bit the dust.  This green one works perfect and matches in with the lettuce keeper that basically started this little collection off.  I know that Max from the Op Shop Showoff considers the Addington Salvation Army as one of her favourites.  After several great finds like this bowl, I’m inclined to agree.

blue vintage tupperware veggie dip tray platter containter retro old

The welcome gift from my blogging buddy at Bloggers Connecting

Yep, that’s right I went to a bloggers get together and came home with retro tupperware! The organizers of Around the Table arranged a gift swap for all the attendees, and paired me up with the awesome Kerri, who knew I was into op shopping and tupperware.  She picked up this chips ‘n dip/veggie platter from Potpourri, the Op Shop in Darfield.   Now I’ve spied Potpourri, but have’t actually made it in there. The only time I seem to be passing thru Darfield is late evening or early morning on one of our West Coast missions.  This shop is definitely on my list of Op Shops to visit.

Retro Tupperware Containters Old Vintage Colours Op Shop Show Off

Its a Retro Tupperware Rainbow!

So, this collection of retro tupperware wasn’t exactly planned, but it appears to be growing.  If you collect items/treasures/stuff, how did you start?  Was it a concentrated effort, or did it happen organically? (now thats a nice way of saying whoa…what the… oops, how did that happen?)  Do you plan?  Are your items in daily use, kept on display, or to resell?  At what point do you consider it a collection vs just owning a bunch of the same kind of stuff.

For me, I started thrifting the retro tupperware after being frustrated with the poor quality of the food/lunch containters I was buying new. (yes, even the NZ made ones)  Durable is a key word here, and is definitely needed in this house.  Bomb-proof might be a better way of  explaining how rough we are and what we need.

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or plans for your own growing collections in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re one of those Op shopping ninjas who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

Linking up with Max from the Op Shop Show-Off, Chris & Julia and @A Living Space,  and Sir Thrift-a-Lot. Also linking up with Liz from Me and My Shadow, host of Magpie Monday.  Op Shop Mama also has a great collections linky, but am just watching, as I don’t really consider my tupperware stash a collection.

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19 responses to “Op Shop Finds: What’s your favourite retro tupperware colour?

  1. Thank you thank you! This post has brought back such memories. My mum used to host Tupperware parties and we had so many of those pictured. I particularly remember the green salad tub. We had a large mushroom coloured jug with the same sort of push button lid as the dressing mixer. Whenever it was fished out from the back of the cupboard we knew it was milkshake time!! x

    • hi Liz, LOVE the look of your new site! Its funny, I think my Mum was the best Tupperware party guest…she never actually hosted a party, but always went and bought something. I’ve only ever been to one Tupperware party myself, arrived late and spent the evening trying not to laugh at thelady beside me who was deliberately winding up the rep. For me, the brown was always the downstairs toiletry/toothbrush set.

  2. Jealous of your finds! I haven’t had too much trouble finding the canisters around here, but darned if I can find the regular sheer bowls! I haven’t found a single one yet. If you ever need a big Tupperware Jell-O mold, give me a call–I can put my hands on a dozen of them!

    • hey Veg, there seems to be a lot of the sheer bowls, or the plain white ones,k but in really bad condition. Love your orange canister btw. And you could send a jello mold to Sir Thirf A Lot…he just picked up a jello recipe book, and the postage would be cheaper too!

  3. I remember those old Tupperware parties well!
    I’ve been hunting out large old glass storage jars for a month or so for all my dried stuff and have found some beauties for next to nothing …oh, I do love op shopping.

    • Hmm, I know you’re in Marlborough somewhere… Not sure how close you are to Murcheson. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been thru, but the op shop there regularly had a fantastic selection of old glass jars. Not the fancy schmancy stuff, but the good solid working kitchen ones

      • A couple of hours from Murchison but i know what shop you mean…isn’t that just the best secondhand shop anywhere ? He has everything, we spend hours in there! 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment. I haven’t seen much brown around CHCH. I’m on the hunt for an cheap orange round squat one to make a trio with the green and yellow one. I’ve found one thru a curated thrift shop, but it was too pricy for the condition it was in, and am not really into haggling.

  4. I do have bit of thrifted Tupperware, purchased and for ts great quality. As for my collections, they usually start with something I love and it evolves or it sometimes doesn’t. Nowadays I am trying to be very selective in adding to my collections. One doesn’t want to appear on a bad episode of Hoarders!

  5. Gosh what a dogs breakfast. That should read …purchased and used for their great quality. Can’t beat Tupperware, vintage or otherwise.

  6. ahh good old tupperwear. i love the pastel colours in a kitchen, andf those little ones are just BRILLIANT for saving all the little odds and sods in the fridge. totes forgot about the murchinson second hand place. i used to go there ALL.THE.TIME back in my kayaking days. terry has found some major pieces of pottery there too x

    • I first went into the Murcheson Op shop back when I was here as an exchange student…bought an old NZ road atlas for my Magic Bus tiki tour. It was published before the road from Haast to Wanaka was in! It’s got to be one of my best travelling souvenirs ever!

  7. I’m in love with that blue set in the second to last photo! I’m such a sucker for blue/teal!!! And I know this post was about tuppawear, but you found a pair of Guess sunnies at Savemart!!! That’s so cool!!!!

    But in terms of tupperwear, the yellow, so classic 🙂

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