Op Shop Show Off: Retro Tupperware

Hi everyone, I’m taking the plunge back into posting on This Mum Rocks. I’ve followed the Op Shop Showoff for several months now and wanted to join in.  After a comment by A Little Bit Country  on last weeks 3 Kitchen Op Shop Faves, I knew I had to do a post on Tupperware. It just keeps going and going and going!

 Retro Tupperware:

  Some of this is garage sale finds, some op shop finds and some from my Mum (or Mom for you Canadians).  Mom always had lots of Tupperware, but I never remember her hosting a party…

This Mum Rocks Retro Tupperware Collection Op Shop SHowoff

Retro Tupperware Collection

Op shop Showoff retro Tupperware cheese grater this mum rocks

A Cheese Grater/Storage that actually is storing homemade salsa

Op shop Showoff retro orange tupperware

Orange Retro Tupperware for the food scraps

Op shop show off this mum rocks retro green salad keeper Tupperware

Eating Enough Greens? Lettuce/ Salad Storage Container

Op shop Showoff tupperware this mum rocks retro yellow orange

Leftovers Anyone?

Op shop show off retro Tupperware this mum rocks

Needing lids but still handy

Op shop Showoff retro Tupperware this mum rocks spice containers

Stackable Spice Containers

Have you turned an Op Shop find into a Kitchen favourite?

 Do you have Retro Tupperware still in use today?

Id love to see…Share with us on the Op Shop Showoff!

12 responses to “Op Shop Show Off: Retro Tupperware

  1. i must crack out my tupperwear for a photo shoot too! i love the pale green ones, and that you know the intended use of everythingile! i’ve been to a modern tupperwear party a while back and whilst it’s all great for modern uses microwaves etc you can’t beat the retro stuff as far as i’m concerned, we rock the brown stuff round here!
    great to have you linkying-long live tupperwear!

  2. This post is like a visit to Grandma’s house – she is the Tupperware Queen although tends to favour the pastel colours. I love the new look of your blog too – I generally read it in my feed reader but actually visited today. It looks really nice.

  3. Many a memory seem to be shared over green bowls…growing up our pancake bowl was green but not Tupperware. It’s only just cracked, must be at least 25yrs old

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