Op Shop Finds: Thrifting NZ West Coast Style

Tupperware ice block Popsicle molds granity op shop

Tupperware Popsicle Molds: 100% Fruit Juice only!

A 36 hour lightening fast visit to NZ’s West Coast & I managed to do some speed thrifting! Op Shop stops on the itinerary: Reefton, Westport, & Granity.

Unlike my recent trip to the Wairarapa where I only saw the closed sign in the 2nd Hand Shop windows, I managed to visit a craft/thrift shop in Reefton and an Op Shop in Granity during their hours of operation.  A fluke really, since we visited the Coast smack dab in the middle of  the Whitebaiting Season.


  • 1st town in the Southern Hemisphere to have a street lighting system
  • Awesome Skate park  & tidy public domain for kids to run around
  • Great Craft Shop, that also op shop/thrift items…yes, I found Tupperware 🙂
  • Epic Mountain Biking
  • Several good cafes, tea shops, & galleries for those who need a pit stop before reaching the West Coast
Tupperware cereal storage container Ricies

Better than storing Ricies in a plastic bag: much neater!

Reefton skate park

Pic of the skate park (one of the best in NZ) instead of the craft/op shop


I could start a whole blog on the Granity experience.   Hmm, maybe one day I will…

Previously, I’ve written about stuff I’ve saved from the Granity Op Shop.

This visit, I was spending up (a whole$6):

The ice block molds in the top picture, plus…

Vintage blue floral sheet granity op shop

Wrinkles ‘n all: now used to make a “igloos”

Miners brewery Westport t shirt granity op shop

Even the Man of the House found something

Tupperware thrifted Popsicle ice block molds

Are they ready yet??

Parksville, my hometown, is a holiday destination with an epic thrift shop: The SOS.  I’m sure people visit my town specifically to stop in at the SOS.

Do you have a favourite holiday Op Shop? Have you started picking up picnic & beach goodies? Maybe you’re after Thanksgiving, Halloween or Christmas treats.

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re an Op Shopping Ninja who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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8 responses to “Op Shop Finds: Thrifting NZ West Coast Style

    • Hi Liz, I’ve visited this region before in winter/off season, but ever during Whitebaiting, so was surprised how “closed up” the Westport was. It was great to see though that half of town showed up for the Rugby game in the towns domain. Thanks for hosting Magpie Monday. Your pics of Cadbury World are simply yummy!

    • Hi Karen, luck & timing were on my side this time around! There are certain Op Shops on both the North & South Island that have been taunting me with their closed signs for YEARS!

  1. I’ve just today been to the Westport Sally Army & St Vinnies. Scored a bowl, 2 plates and handful of zips for $1.70 therefore very happy. I didn’t know there was an oppie in Granity, but think the detour would be too much for the family!

    • Hi Sally, the Westport Sally Army has been good to this family! The fave find from that shop was a really grungy vacuum cleaner for $10. I don’t seem to pick up much from the st.vinnies, but always look( I tend to do the laundry @ the backpackers next door when visiting) If you ever head up karamea way! I recommend stopping g in granity for a peek

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