Op Shopping: Crochet Blanket Haul

Elmo crochet blanket this mum rocks op shop show off

Keeping Elmo cosy

I’m picking that Christchurch Op Shops have had a serious run on crochet blankets, with the arrival of autumn keenly felt in this part of New Zealand.  There have also been several shabby chic, vintage or nana look photo spreads in popular womens magazines that all seemed to have at least one crocheted granny square blanket.

This mum rocks op shop show off crochet blanket granny square

A comfy spot for reading The Elves & the Shoemaker over & over & over

My fondness for crochet blankets comes after seeing the Featherston Needlework & Craft ladies work on their Operation Coverup projects at the Featherston Community Centre.  It’s amazing how much they could accomplish in the space of a morning.  I picked this blanket up from the Christchurch City Mission Sydenham shop becuase it seemed a good match for the retro ottoman seat underneath.

Cot blanket crochet op shop show off this mum rocks

Lap, Cot or Crochet Blanket. Pretty & versatile

This blanket is going to wind up as part of a new-baby care package, as several friends are having winter/early spring babies.  Its a great size for a capsule or push chair, and with safe unisex colours.

Crochet rug, op shop show off  this mum rocks

Cottage chic or whoa trippy?

This rug has wound up in the guest bedroom/linen tent/indoor fort play area.  Not quite the same as stepping out of bed onto a fluffy sheepskin, but good to spruce up some blah beige carpet and it makes for a good play mat.

Crochet blanket op shop show off this mum rocks

Time for a Nana Nap

With the Antarctic blasts arriving and the Artic chills easing, how do you keep cosy in these in-between seasons?  Is there an op-shop, thrifted or vintage find that you run to when its time to rug-up?  I’d love to hear about it. Or, share your pics with us via one of the linkys below:

Linking up with Max from the Op Shop Show-Off, Chris & Julia and their Nifty Thrifty @ A Living Space, and Sir-Thrift-a-lot

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14 responses to “Op Shopping: Crochet Blanket Haul

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  2. Gorgeous finds. I love the rug. It’s warming up here finally but still chilly of an evening so I sit with a hot water bottle on me. Or a warm cat will do.

    • Hey Emma, glad to hear the sun is starting to thaw things out a bit. Was just thinking how you can find some g rest hot water bottle covers around now. Might be a bit of an upgrade from the pink Kiddie Teddie cover. (Which actually gets used more as a toy than a cover!)

    • Hi Miriam, whoever made the rug was obviously using up their odds and ends, but they did a great job of making the colours work together. That takes talent and a good eye, something I’m still working on.

  3. Love these. I found a couple of vintage feather eiderdowns a couple of years ago that I loved. Unfortunately my husband is allergic to them, they ended up on spare beds and then went to my kids on loan….haven’t seen them again!

  4. Funny how that works (I have to admit I’ve been guilty of that). The thing is, with the older eiderdowns, they last way longer than the modern ones. Made to last

  5. ooh, it’s crochet all round this week! that is a rad round rug. i bet your girl loves it with all that pink in there?

    • Hey Max, what’s the phrase, “Great minds think alike”. figured with the crummy weekend we had, a warm wooly blanket post would be a good idea. Glad the sun is here for the first part of the long weekend. As for the rug, it gets used in all sorts of ways, lately it’s been one big sleepover party for all the dollies and babies. I’m on a tea towel hunt tomorrow at the op shops. Am sick of my warehouse cheapies that don’t work. Old school ones touristy ones work surprisingly well.

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