Op Shop Finds: Are these Suitcases Vintage or Retro?

Everlite Vulcanite This mum rocks op shop show off vintage suitcases luggage

Vintage or Retro?

OK,  Op Shoppers, Thrifters, Vintage Collectors and Retro Afficianados, I’ve got a question for you:   Are these suitcases considered Vintage, Retro or Antique?

This mum rocks op shop show off vintage retro blue suitcase

Going somewhere?

The suitcases store dress-ups & baby blankets.  They fit nicely under the bed, & looked more styley than if I had picked something up from the Warehouse.  This blue suitcase is an Everlite.  I’m loving the pattern on the inside and the handwritten Flight details/bag claim number of a previous owner. At least that’s what I’m assuming, given the TWA bit.

Op Shop Show off This Mum Rocks Vintage Retro Everlite Suitcase Luggage

Hmm Airport Security might wonder…Actually it’s a mini version of a Tickle Trunk

 The brown/mustard suitcase is a Vulcanite.  And yep, in addition to the crochet lovelies that keep this family cosy during autumn, I’ve got more granny & peggy square blankets stored away.
This Mum Rocks Op Shop Show Off Vintage Retro Vulcanite Suitcase

Previously a world traveller, now providing storage for baby blankets

I found the suitcases at Featheston’s Own, back when they were in their first spot on SH2.  I love how this Op Shop has moved locations twice because it’s grown out of their original unpowered garage at the Featherston Community Centre.  There was a need in the South Wairarapa for this type of organisation, and I’ve seen the positive impact it has on Featherston.

This Mum Rocks Op Shop Show Off Vintage Retro Suitcases

No Monsters under the bed, just suitcases and dust bunnies.

Do you have any unique op shopped or thrifted storage solutions? Got any pics or ideas for creative cupboard space?  I’d love to see/hear.  Our family has a 1940s cottage/villa in our sights that has almost no built in storage. (It was built in the era of dressers and wardrobes) Am starting to search out affordable & hip ideas.

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16 responses to “Op Shop Finds: Are these Suitcases Vintage or Retro?

  1. I read somewhere recently that in technical terms, vintage is old and retro is made to look old, which makes sense to me. The orange suitcase is definitely vintage 1970s/80s because we had the exact same style for family holidays when I was a kid.

    • I always had it in my mind that retro referred to certain colour palettes from the 50’s-80’s. and that cottage and shabby chic was something newish made to look old. As for holidays with these pieces, to me they scream West Coast Road trip in an old Ford, or a Wellington to Auckland train ride. Hope you have some good laughs from those family trips

  2. Thanks so much for linking up, welcome to Magpie Monday!

    I’m a HUGE fan of vintage suitcases. I have them stacked on warddrobes hiding all manner of things and also have one in the play room full of dress up.

    • Hi Liz, glad to link up. I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a couple weeks now, so figured I should front up and contribute! Loving the wine kit btw. 🙂

  3. I have some lovely old suitcases too, love them for their charm…and storage! I tend to think of retro being anything within 40 or 50 years of age and vintage being maybe 60 years old…before antigue age. Lucky you have an old villa, cute and begging for just the right “finds” i’m sure 🙂

    • Every so often I find one, but have to be careful about what I bring back, the other half is a minimalist! One of the funniest sights I’ve seen recently at a market was a couple having a pretty comical domestic. They had picked up a trunk that the hubby was having to lugaround and the wife still wanted to scour the stalls

    • Great Pins Nin! I’m loving the white book storage. Already I can see I have a bookworm in the making. As for pallets, I’m going to have to sell that idea to the other half…I like them, but he’s not so keen. Though after stopping by the Pallet Pavillion he’s warming to the possibility

    • Hi Lisa, I found the blue suitcase first. She is a beaut. There was another one with it that was similar, but it was in rough shape, so couldn’t justify bringing it home.

  4. I tend to think of retro as 50 to 70’s styles and vintage as old – indeterminant age. Antique seems to imply value – ie shops can put a higher price on these items. Thos i suspect tomanademma is correct on technical terms. Love old suitcases for storage.

    • Hi Lisa, I also wonder if younger generations are using terms like vintage and retro rather than antique. To me antiquing is something that my parents did or my grandparents owned. Whereas, the bits and bobs I’m after seem to be for more everyday use. Also, until recently I had always thought of vintage referring to clothes.

  5. hmm. in my mind antique is pre 1940’s. retro is anything 1950-1980’s that is emblematic of the era, and vintage anything that is old but not an antique. it makes sense in my mind!!! suitcases are great for under bed storage. we have a couple of antique trunks we use as coffee/side tables that store stuff, but only good for things you don’t need to get out all the time. good luck with the vintage/retro house!

    • Hi Max, this house project will be interesting for sure! I had a trunk back in Canada for storing things, and am thinking another one would be handy. Especially for toys. :0)

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