Op Shop Finds: What’s your favourite Little Golden Book?

Little Golden Books Op Shop Thrift Finds Retro Vintage Books

The most popular Little Golden Books in the Baron house

Finding Little Golden Books in an Op Shop always makes me smile.  Thrift Shop volunteers regularly comment and reflect on their own Little Golden Book experiences when I bring them to the counter.  I love finding out what their favourite childhood stories were.

First Little Golden Book Op Shop Finds Thrifting Retro Vintage Books

First Little Golden Books: just the right size for a toddler to hold

Like the retro Tupperware, I grew up with Little Golden Books and think they are a good counter balance for my little girl in this new technology mad world.

Little Golden Books Op Shop Thrift Finds Retro Vintage Books back cover

The back covers are just as interesting as the front

Op Shop Finds Thrift Finds Little Golden Book back cover Retro Vintage

Can you spot the differences? 😮

While I love to support independant NZ Booksellers when I can, the reality is, I never would’ve amassed this little library if I had to purchase these books new. Under $1 /book is much more manageable.

 Many an expat bemoans the cost of books in NZ.  After working in NZ retail behind the scenes, I totally get the reasons for the retail markups and margins and the need to earn a living.  But until the winning lotto ticket comes in, I’ll continue to rescue these preloved treasures from charity shops and enjoy reading the books to my little one.

Op Shop Finds Thrift Finds Little Golden Book Scuffy the Tugboat Retro Vintage

I have read this book TOOO many times: to my brother, babysitting and now to my daughter.

There seems to be set reading times in our house, a couple stories before dinner gets made on the comfy seat in our reading corner and another big story session before bed.

 If you have kids, how long is the bedtime story session?

Op Shop Finds Thrift Finds Little Golden Book Pokey Little Puppy Book Retro Vintage Thrift

My favourite Little Golden Book

Op Shop Finds Thrift Finds Little Golden Book spines Retro Vintage

Most of the collection, some hiding under beds, in toy boxes and no doubt more to come!

I’d love you to share your book thrifting strategy  or your own Little Golden Book experience in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re one of those Op shopping ninjas who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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23 responses to “Op Shop Finds: What’s your favourite Little Golden Book?

  1. I have all the Little Golden Books that my kids had – guess I’ve been saving them for my future grandchildren now!!!

    I started picking up more titles – first Eloise Wilkin illustrated ones, then Christmas Golden books, and any old ones that catch my attention – I’m getting quite a few – all bought at thrifts, of course!

  2. I LOVED Colors are Nice – and have only just realised it has American spelling. We had loads of these and I rarely look at the book section of op-shops but I might need to start. I also loved Poky Little Puppy and Scruffy the Tugboat.

    • Hi Emma, Colors are Nice was one of the first books in our house to experience some aggressive reading. It’s still going thanks to a good lot of tape. $1/book is about standard, and more and it should be in good condition or one of the older ones, not the newer Disney books.

  3. Hi Jill, I love Eloise’s illustrations, but more importantly, so does my little one. She’s fascinated by them. Good on ya for holding on to these little lovelies for your future grandchildren. I’m sure they will love them, even if you or the parents have had enough. (I have read Scuffy the tug boat, the Little Red Caboose and the Very Best Home for Me way too many times to count!!)

    • Kia Ora Kerbey, I wish my little one liked it was much as I do, but she’s not so fussed. I would’ve thought she’d love the roll poly puppies, but nah, she’s like”meh, I want the bunnies”

  4. yep, were poky little puppy fans here too. my husband has a couple of golden books he treasures from when he was four. given at christmas and signed by his dad as well as his mum, especially treasured as his father died when he was 5.

    • Aww, I they would be special, and no doubt kept on the higher bookshelves. I love opening the books and finding the signatures and the first attempts at printing

  5. ps have been thinking about using the back of gold
    en books as kids photo portrait frames, just cut them out, stick a photo in and frame them up-i think they would look neat!

    • That would be a good idea, especially for those books whose insides are a bit worse for wear. Did you spot the differences in the pics? I think there’s 4

  6. I loved Scuffy! I recently found “We Help Daddy” but that was a rarity for me. I never find them in decent shape. You have a great collection!

    • Cheers Melissa! The ones I find in good shape are the newerDisney ones. Not so keen to collect those, but will grab them if its a character my little one likes (Bugs Bunney or the Rescue Rangers). I’m on the hunt for a We Help Mummy.

  7. These books always made me smile. First having them read to me, then while I was learning to read. Now I’m hoping these will create more happy memories for my little one. Love your “new” blue mirror btw 🙂

  8. Oh how I love Little Golden Books! The Saggy Baggy Elephant is my fave. One, two, three, KICK! And The Monster at the End of This Book.

  9. I remember having a stack of these under my bed! My mum would buy them for me at the checkouts at Coles and Woolies. I haven’t thought about collecting those specifically for my kids but I would love to find some beautiful hardcover books that I read as an older kid. DPBC visitor X

    • hi Robomum, love the idea of collecting books for my little one to read. Have already picked up a couple. The secret garden was my fave 🙂 might be why I’m such a keen veggie gardener today.

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