Op Shopping: What’s Your Thrifting Budget?

Retro vintage thrifted biscuit cake tin cookie cracker

For the “Sporty” biscuit enthusiast

Do you have a weekly thrifting allowance?  How do you set your Op Shop budgets?

 Is it based on needs and wants?

Potential resale value?

Or is it a case of throwing caution to the wind and having a big spend up?

Blue crochet retro vintage blanket thrifted

Perfect size for the pushchair…that’s hiding somewhere in the shipping container!

“Jasmine”, my favourite Guerrilla Gardener & This Mum Rocks reader was asking me about how much I spend at the shops.

This weeks trio of charity shop goodies cost a grand total of three dollars.

That’s with a one dollar tip because the lady was only going to charge me $2 for the lot.

My Thrifting Budget: I typically give myself a weekly allowance of $10. Sometimes it’s spent on household “needs”.

 Sometimes it’s just for an Op Shopping splurge. (like this week).

Biggest Spend to date:  $27, the day it snowed & I went Beachy

Retro vintage Crochet dolls blanket

Think the person ran out of matching colours at the end..then again it could be a tribute to all the rebuild & construction hi-vis vests here in CHCH


I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re an Op Shopping Ninja who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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12 responses to “Op Shopping: What’s Your Thrifting Budget?

  1. When it comes to housewares I can splurge (up to $10 but it happens rarely), and for clothes always out of the seperate account (even if it means delays at the counter) and never more than my $20 a fortnight. Love the ‘high vis’ blanky!

    • Love that you’ve a separate account for your thrifted clothing finds! starting to think about spring/summer…definately needed shorts for the trip to the beach last weekend.

  2. The 3 x rule is applied to everything I buy to sell , I must be certain it is worth at least 3 times when i pay for it , just to pay the fees on ebay and paypal …Kate

    • Hi Kate, that’s a great idea/deciding factor even if you aren’t onselling! Hadn’t really though about paypal fees (am toying with the idea of reselling, but need to get thru the house shift first)

  3. Hadn’t really thought about a budget. My rule is if I LOVE it and I can use it in our home, or for my shop and it is a bargain – I buy it! x

  4. Haven’t got a set budget, but from experience if I know that I can get something for $x then I won’t spend (much) more on it elsewhere either. T-shirts $5, pants $10, paint $3 a litre, books $2, cups $2, plates $3, bed $100, shelves $65, appliances $15-ish, sort of like that. I know that certain shops have better prices and choice for certain things, so National Geographics come from Ecoshop, clothes from Tasman Traders, lamps/appliances from Sallies Furniture, and when I’m after beautiful, treat-y, high quality stuff then there’s a few of those boutique sort of places where price is, like, double, but then it’s not the point anymore. Basically, eyeballing it and going by gut/experience.

  5. Hey Maria, I had to laugh at the National Geographics…I love em, but worked in a hotel in Queenstown where they were an interior decorating item…literally hundreds and hundreds, then they revamped the lounge area and couldn’t get rid of them. Funny thing waswas, like a year later people were still asking if the hotel was interested in their old copies to add to the collection.

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