Op Shop Finds: Can you help me with this Phoenix dish?

Curiosity got the better of me when I spied this yellow dish in the charity shop.

Maybe it’s the colour. I’m always attracted to bright bits & bobs in a thrift store.

I bet whoever owned this previously was a very social extrovert.

 A “Hostess with the Mostest!”

Retro vintage thrifted yellow phoenix glassware baking dish

Phoenix: can anyone tell me where I would find info on this company? l must be using the wrong search words

Maybe I’m searching with the wrong terminology, but am not finding much info on “Phoenix”.  Should I be searching glassware, bakeware, ovenware, Pyrex? Agee?

Any tips on researching this type of kitchen ware?

 I’d love to know how old this is.  I’m picking it’s of Aussie descent.

Yellow vintage retro baking dish ovenware glassware Phoenix

Already put to use for this week’s roast dinner

Kitchen goods I needed to thrift this week:

Kitchen thrifted zip hand blender measuring cups white, cleaners caddy

Essentials: is killing me I had to thrift a set of measuring cups. I have like 4 sets packed away 🙂

When I packed our worldly goods away, I kept out most of the basics I like to have in a functioning kitchen.  But after a month, there are some things that just make cooking dinner easier. Like an apron…

Vintage retro floral brown blue apron

Finally, an apron in the kitchen!

The fact that it will add to my collection is a bonus!

Little golden book Pollyanna, Norman Bridwell Clifford the big Red Dog

2 of my primary school faves for the 2yr old

Not really sure how “Glad” I am to have brought Pollyanna and Clifford the Big Red Dog into the house.  They have been read literally like 50 times in the past week.

and, umm *cough* I blew my weekly thrifting budget by three bucks. ($13)

I’d love you to share your thrifting research strategies or your op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re an Op Shopping Ninja who thrives on a stealth mission, I get & respect that too!

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9 responses to “Op Shop Finds: Can you help me with this Phoenix dish?

  1. Well i have no advice in regards to the bakeware but it is lovely. You cant go wrong with cheery yellow! I am usually a browser but i no what i like and usually scan pretty quickly. the best chance of finding something special is to visit oppies regularly. ours have a pretty good turnover so i like to drop in regularly as time permits.

    • Hi Lea, a quick scan is a pretty good tactic…I find it works well with the kitchen goods especially. With linens, I usually need to stop and have a bit of a hunt. Have also figured out that Friday is not a good day to check out the shops, it’s always busier.

  2. I love the yellow dish, but can’t say I’ve ever heard of Phoenix. maybe do an image search and go from there?
    Fin has just bashed of the handles of my stainless steel measuring cups, and now liquid leaks through the screw holes so i need to find measuring cups ASAP and of course they are being super-elusive!

    • LOL it would help if I had done a better clean up job… It’s made in England, not Aussie as I originally thought. I’ve found a Phoenix company out of the UK, but they seem to be producing a much different style of glassware…more pastel/floral, white style. More “girly”… Hmmm, will keep looking. Love stainless steel measuring cups. Fin must’ve really thrashed them! Demanding more dinner for that cute growing belly no doubt 🙂

  3. cant help with any info on the yellow dish – it looks fab through – is it glass?. i’d definately snapped it up if it was glass. i’d probably search on ebay as well – someone may be selling one and you can get more information from their description.
    your story about measuring cups is going to be me soon – i’ve sent home an almost functioning kitchen, but i beat i’ll need things before i can unpack!!.

  4. I have some phoenix ware. No Idea on the date but definately a “made in england” like yours. To date I’ve found oval baking dishes with lids and little mixing bowls in red and aqua. They are an utter joy to use.

  5. Hi Amy, this one has been great to use, and I’ve only had it a week! Love the shape of it, and will be on the lookout for more. Liking the sounds of your colourful Phoenix pieces

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