A This Mum Rocks New Years Resolution: Technology Makeover

Call it a New Years resolution, makeover or intervention: the time has come to upgrade the Baron household technology & bring it into this decade!

It’s scary when my parents are more in tune with the iPad era than I am.  Time to cut the cables I say!  

This is what I use to connect with the outside world:

The Mobile:  borrowed from Husband.  My last mobile died in Jan 2010 when I sat on it while painting parking spaces at the local Community Centre.

I never got around to replacing it and is now in Hannah’s toy basket.  Those who want/need to get hold of me know to reach me via his mobile.

The Laptop: The Laptop aka the Kabota.   Kinda reminds me of the Lada we once owned. Using Kabota to surf the web is like trying to get on the Autobahn in a blue ’78 Pinto(For the record one of my best mates in high school had one of these in the mid-90’s & it rocked!)  photo courtesy of The ‘Word Thoughts’ Blog

The Goal:  to simplify, be mobile, be connected & be more organised and productive with my time.

Things I need to address:

  • Luddite tendancies of my other half
  • Budget for this upgrade is miniscule
  • How to make sure that Telecom doesn’t need to take one of kidneys as a method of payment for upkeep & maintenance.
  • How to keep this safe (babyproof) from little Rowdy Hannah Riley
  • Any improvements/new additions need to be able to work on NZ’s West Coast as well as Canada, while again allowing me to keep my kidneys
  • Needs vs Wants:  ipad vs Android 3g, wifi, bluetooth, itunes, cameras,

All ideas, suggestions, hints & tips welcomed.  What do you use & wouldn’t live without?

:0) Heather

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2 responses to “A This Mum Rocks New Years Resolution: Technology Makeover

  1. Well, for me, my the world-was-ending-when-I-lost-it bit of tech is my Blackberry. Tears did come to my eyes when I realised it had bounced from my pocket on an unknown bumpy road in a tuk-tuk in Cambodia. I then had to try to deal with my withdrawal from world contact by shifting to a Kobo Vox (touch screen eReader) where the power button had a mind of it’s own – I’d never know if it would work after multiple ON-OFFs or just a prolonged one. I also learned my fat fingers don’t like touch screens, fun as they are for zooming or flipping pages/screens they suck for typing long missives. So for a one-thing-does-all piece I wholehearted vote for BB.
    -typed on my new Bold, which although it does not live up to the lost Bold, does just fine.

    • Cheers Andrea! At least you have an interesting story to tell of how you lost the Blackberry, unlike others that get put through the washing machine. Love to hear where you’re headed next :o)Heather

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