Thrift Finds: Retro Kitchen Utensils make Baking fun

Retro vintage egg separator whisk this mum rocks thifted op shop finds Christmas baking

Just in time for making pavlovas. Who am I kidding?  My Pavs always flop!

It’s stone fruit & Rhubarb season here in CHCH.  Lots of stewed fruit & crumbles coming out of this kitchen.

What are you baking these days?

Riccarton Rotary Sunday market Retro vintage thrifted op shop finds Tupperware measuring spoons orange colander

First trip to the Riccarton Sunday Market in months

Anchor hocking England pie plate vintage retro thrifted

Pie…hmmm need to actually make one!

Retro vintage thrifted pie plate op shopped

Best “egg pie” dish. Also a good makeshift fruit bowl. Cheers Mum for spotting this

Yellow fire king coffee mug cup retro vintage thrifted op shop finds

Fire King for 50c …perfect for strong coffee with no sugar & a bit of milk

These goodies were picked up in November when I dropped off the blogoshpere while my parents we’re visiting from Canada.

Funnily enough, it was my Mum who suggested I might like blogging.

(her fav blog is Mennonite Girls Can Cook)

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re an Op Shopping Ninja who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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10 responses to “Thrift Finds: Retro Kitchen Utensils make Baking fun

    • I actually passed thru your neck of the woods a couple times(I think) during my little vaycay…had a boat trip up in the sounds mid nov and a Xmas visit to the Wairarapa. Love that you picked up 2 freezers for $1! Am going to try your turmeric toothpaste recipe one I figure out where to get the coconut oil

    • Hi Liz, still managed to peek in at a couple shops while offline, just didn’t have the time to post. Am glad to be back, at least for the time being…March is looking a bit questionable! May wind up out on the West Coast sans technology for a month.

  1. ooh! second hand kitchen ware really is my weakness, loveing the colours here, those yellow mugs in particular are fantastic. do give us an update about what you’re up too when you get chance Heather xxx

    • Was just thinking that those mugs would go nicely with that tea towel dress you made…will be on the lookout for a similar almost “Hudson Bay Co” Stripey tea towel. Then again, should just ask Mum to pop into The Bay the next time she goes to Nanaimo. Looks like I’ll be on the coast from March 1 for about a month. Thinking of doing “A post from the Coast” series. We’ll see… 🙂

    • Cheers Marta, when I picked these up I had my hubby in mind. (Strong coffee with a little milk no sugar is how he drinks his morning brew) but am finding that it’s me who’s using them (peppermint tea, or rooibos).

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