The Travelling Linen Stash has landed on my Doorstep!

Trans Tasman travelling linen stash vintage retro New Zealand Australia apron napkin doilies table cloths tea towels

The Linen has Landed

Christmas came early for this lover of vintage & retro linens.

Swapping like this is easy peasy.

 One in One out in & each item must be good condition.

What I snagged:

Mauritius dodo tea towel vintage retro travelling linen stash

Couldn’t resist

Retro vintage blue apron travelling linen stash

Future secret Santa gift. So much cooler than a box of Roses.  Not that I’d say no to chocolate… 🙂

Blue gingham apron pickled carrots retro vintage travelling linen stash

Gingham: makes me want to set up a roadside stall. Pickled carrots during my bloggie break. hmmm…

Blue floral retro apron travelling linen stash

I think I had a dress like this when I was 5

Cheers to A Little Bit Country for organising this swap.

The only downside: I was itching to see what was in the box AFTER Op Shop Mama had a turn.

(then again that may be a good thing: I’d want to keep the whole box of goodies!)

For those that follow my thrifting posts: I hope to be back up and posting again in the next week or so.

I’ve had family visiting from overseas. I still managed  to visit several Op Shops and market in November.

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