Tea, Coffee or Milo?: #NZMugSwap2013

Tea coffee milo stash #NZMugswap2013 Jed's coffee co, twinings, red seal, Avalanche

Our Tea/Coffee/Milo stash

Hey Mug Swappers!  What’s your favourite cuppa?  Long Black, Flat White, Moccachino?

Or are you more of a garden variety Gregg’s Instant or Gumboot sort of person?


Whats in my cupboard…for now anyways

Am stoked to be part of Lisi’s #NZMugSwap2013.  This is my first blogger swap.

 I’ve seen lots of crafty type swaps, but that’s not really my cuppa tea

(bad puns are more my style!)


A whole range of Coffee Mugs & Tea cups: something for everyone

With this in mind, here are some of my random thoughts on the consumption of hot beverages:

  • Real, homemade Chai is divine!
  • Cappuccino’s are a breakfast drink, best consumed in the morning
  • Wishing I had splurged for a Hot Chocolate in Torino!
  • I love herbal teas, but don’t really understand some of these fruity “herbal” mixed teas: umm “Strawberry Pavlova”???
  • Coffee drinkers/coworkers should be mindful of their breath (ex-boss’ wife had the foulest coffee breath)
  • Hot drinks in glasses: overdone trend, or did someone forget to do the dishes?
  • Afternoon Tea can be simple or Fancy. If going the fancy route,  have fun & dress for the occasion
  • You do realize that instant coffee is basically a laxative. I will make it for you if I must, but will be muttering “eww, toxic sludge” under my breath
  • A coffee grinder at 5:30am is not an ideal alarm clock. Especially if hubby is extra chipper.
#NZmugswap2013 PGG Wrightson coffee cup

Definitely a “Man’s” mug…best for 2scoops instant, milk, 1 sugar

Peppermint tea #NZmugswap2013 chocolate macaron

Tuesday afternoon tea: peppermint with choc macaron

stovetop coffee maker coffee grinder #NZMugswap2013

How coffee gets made in our house…next to the other delicious Black Gold: homemade Vanilla

Jailbreaker coffee Beans Addington Coffee Coop #NZMugswap2013

Busted: Hooking into the Jailbreaker coffee beans meant for my #NZMugswap2013 Buddy

To my #NZMugSwap Buddy:  The brown bag has your mug.  I was silly & didn’t hide the beans from 2 Baron’s craving a caffeine hit.  Meltdown avoided…for now 🙂 No worries, it just means I get another visit to my fave CHCH coffee shop the Addington Coffee Coop (the owner/manager gives the best customer service!)  The way I see it everybody wins!

One response to “Tea, Coffee or Milo?: #NZMugSwap2013

  1. I need to pick you up some cool tins for your hot beverage stash. Since you ask – I adore my flat white in the morning, but I’m really trying to limit my coffee intake. Green tea just don’t have the same appeal however :/

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