7 Things I did on my break from Blogging

Phew, back in the world of regular internet/wifi!

THE BACKSTORY:  A month of living like gypsies (again!) Our lease ended & the Barons moved into & onto our next big project….shifting a 1920s house to another CHCH suburb.  Should make for an interesting couple of months.  If all goes well, we could be shifted, renovated & settled into our new locale by Xmas.

(fingers crossed the stars all align & nobody annoys the Building Gods).

During this blogging “siesta” I did manage to accomplish some neat things:

  • Found the best place in Christchurch to get salmon. (coming from a girl who knows the difference from Spring, Sockeye,Coho and Chum…don’t you be feeding us any of those  “salmon they feed the dogs!”)
Akaroa salmon christchurch

Homemade fish’n chips on Fridays

  • Managed to run 15minutes steady on the treadmill.  For a non-runner this is a big accomplishment.  Hubby & toddler swim, while I get 1hr guaranteed workout in the gym.  Love Pioneer Rec Centre!
  • Became a Headstone Hunter…thanks to Reb from The Life Nostalgic .  I won a subscription to Ancestry.com & it sparked my inner Geneologist…the more I uncover, the more questions I have…Just where did Matilda Baron end up? And why can’t I find anything about George & Helen after they arrived in Wellington in 1841???  Hmmmm……..
George baron headstone

The George Barons 1897 and 1903…my very own family mystery

Baron geneology family history

So many questions!

  • Got a better handle on the household finances.  Annual review of Mortgage, Kiwisaver, Savings plan & budget.  Found a better supermarket. Shaved $20 off weekly spend & started collecting airpoints  Nice!  One of my new favourite blogs is Mr. Money Mustache. Not your stock standard personal finance blog
  • Set some travel goals (gonna need those airpoints!)  Its been awhile since the last trip…have only just discovered Kayak, Skyscanner & Nomadic Matt…Man I coulda used you in 2005!
  • Started following local body politics….particularly South Wairarapa.  Love that right to vote! Go Katie Beattie!
  • Joined a fantastic new Playcentre with the Toddler…love these parents & kids.  Bigger isn’t always better, its just bigger.



  • More Thrifting/Op Shop posts like this
  • Maybe a Wardrobe Wednesday post or two
  • possible updates on the house shift …still in negotiations with hubby on this 🙂

I’ve made some great mates from blogging & am keen to continue and learn along the way.  Cheers everyone for all the previous comments. I’m aiming to post once a week and would love it if you followed along!

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