Vintage Checkered Pillowcases & Thrifting Siesta

Vintage checkered checked pillow cases stuffed toy  banas

This Mum Rocks is going on a bit of a thrifting & blogging siesta while we shift

Heya Op Shoppers & Thrifters!  Do you the thrifting roles reverse for you when faced with a move?  Find yourself making trips to your favourite charity shop or 2nd hand store?

Surprisingly I haven’t made too many trips to the op shop this time around.  We had a big clear out when we shifted to Chch last Oct.

Because I’ve been busy packing, I haven’t been into my favourite secondhand shops for a couple weeks now.  The pillowcases are an awesome blue check & will go well in the toddlers new room.  They come from the Christchurch City Mission Sydenham shop.

My little Op Shop Ninja picked out the banana from her favourite thrift shop on Stourbridge St.  She quite likes popping into the “shops” on our way to pick up our weekly fruit and veggie order from the Christchurch South Fruit & Veggie Coop.

As for the thrifting & blogging siesta:  in true Baron style, this shift is a bit unusual, but will be worth it in the end.  The lease is up & the landlord is raising the rent to a level we aren’t prepared to pay. (Renting in Christchurch: not for the faint of heart)

 We’ll be shifting about over the next couple weeks, & can’t guarantee I’ll get any time to post anything until after the 1st of the month.

The Best Part: Our housing project has stepped up a notch.  We’re one step closer to having a 1920s cottage relocated onto our section in a much better suburb & school zone than the one we’re in now.

Moving boxes This Mum Rocks

Glad I kept the boxes from our shift South

This Mum Rocks moving boxes shifting house contents

Packed & ready to store in the container

Shipping container This Mum Rocks

Do you have a big clear out when you shift house?   Donate to the thrift shops, hold garage sales, or head online to make a bit of $$?

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re one of those Op Shopping Ninjas who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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8 responses to “Vintage Checkered Pillowcases & Thrifting Siesta

    • Thanks, am getting thru it. The oven, fridge and Venetian blinds are done. Living room done, bathroom check…most of the kitchen. Slowly but surely it’s coming together. No worries about the books 🙂

  1. Ooh, i like the sound of your house project Heather! I avoided thrifting when i was pregnant cause i couldn’t stand the smell of the shoes, and had a massive dung out when we moved out and back in for eqc. I’m going for a spring de-clutter of epic proportions this time to make room for fin, wish me luck!

    • Hi Allison, I had to laugh…I went into my neighbourhood oppy with my bags of goodies to drop off and I swear there were like 6 things I would’ve loved to bring home. I think I showed very good restraint! 🙂

  2. Good luck with the move Heather. Although we move a lot (9 times in past 11 years – military life), I still find myself making a trip or two every time (don’t ask me how that happens but stuff multiplies right). I buy lots of my boys clothes 2nd hand and quite regularly I find myself re-donating all the things that have been outgrown too!

    Thanks so much for your guest post today – You are one very clever mummy. Here’s to opshopping together one day!

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