Thrifting & 3 Boys Brewery: Why everyone’s happy when Mum visits Woolston


SPCA Op Shop Woolston Crib Cabbage Patch Kid

Is it bad parenting to ask the daycare staff directions to a brewery?  With all the roadworks going on in Christchurch at the moment,  I figured they would know a shortcut to get to the nearby suburb of Woolston.  The hubby had put in a birthday request for his favourite microbrew beer from 3 Boys Brewery & I knew there were a couple Op Shops close by.  Turns out, to get there I had to take the part of the same pretty, but winding, route I took with Nin to get to the Opawa Community Op Shop.

Why everyone’s happy when Mum visits Woolston:

  • Mum gets to Op shop and have sushi
  • Dad gets favourite Microbrewery beer for his birthday (Microbreweries in NZ only just seem to be catching up to the Canadians)
  • Toddler gets op shopped crib &blanket for her baby (FYI the “baby” is my old Cabbage Patch kid circa 1985)

The Op Shop:  SPCA Canterbury Op Shop

656 Ferry Road, Woolston Christchurch,

Open: Mon-Sat 10-4

SPCA Canterbury Op Shop Woolston

photo courtesy of

5 reasons this Op Shop Rocks

      1. Heaps of  adult clothes, shoes and accessories
      2. Great Childrens section (Toys, Books & Clothes)
      3. Very Tidy & organised
      4. Bright & well lit
      5. Super Friendly Volunteers

Tips for Thrifting in Woolston:

  • Park on Ferry Road near the Brewery
  • Visit the Ferry Antique Centre: a resellers antique mall with all sorts
  • Check out the monthly Shabby Chic Market which runs Sept-May
  • bring enough $$ to spring for some lunch/snack.  There are several yummy cafes, bakeries and restaurants in the village.  I like the sushi place, but have my eye on a couple of the bakeries and the brick restaurant that advertises the hot smoked salmon. (Maybe a reader knows? I’ve forgotten the name and google doesn’t seem to be helping me this morning!)
  • Embrace the eclectic vibe of the neighbourhood.  Kinda feel’s like Wellington’s suburb of Newtown

The Beer: 3 Boys Brewery

Porter, Pilsner, Wheat, 3 Boys Brewery, Beer, This Mum Rocks

Porter, Pilsner & Wheat: Our fave 3 Boys Brewery Beer

3 boys brewery beer earthquake kit

The essentials: earthquake kit & beer. The aftershocks have pretty much finished, but looking at the photo now wonder wise it is to store these items up high

Why this household loves 3 Boys Brewery:

  • Umm, they make good beer…. Not just our faves of Porter, Pilsner and Wheat.  3 Boys also make a really good “girly” beer, the Mexican style Tres Amigos.
  • They give refunds if you return the bottles
  • Discounts for RDUnited members
  • The Brewery building is cool (architectural/construction nerds in tha house)
3 boys brewery

photo courtesy of

3 Boys brewery Woolson

photo courtesy of

PSA: This Mum Rocks is reminding readers to please enjoy in moderation.  Please consume alcohol responsibly, and don’t drink bad beer.

 Do you have any hints, tips or suggestions for op shopping in Woolston or in your local neighbourhood?  Ever barter/bargain/negotiate with your other half when it comes to thrifting?
“Yes dear, I will pick up your birthday beer, if you promise not to whinge about me visiting the Woolston Op Shops”

I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re an Op Shopping Ninja who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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4 responses to “Thrifting & 3 Boys Brewery: Why everyone’s happy when Mum visits Woolston

  1. I love the spca, my fave cardi came from there. I know the place you mean, is it called the smokehouse? Luckily i only have to placate the kids as the husbandido is an fevent op-shopper too, so as long as their is a lollypop stocking dairy in the vicinity of op-shops we are sweet!

    • Have only just discovered the power of the lollipops! I’d love to get the hubby into op shopping (would suit his thrifty nature), but it doesn’t seem to mesh with his minimalistic tendencies

    • hi Lea! I Loved my cabbage patch kid. I think part of it was because it had short hair like me. Also, I really really wanted one when they were so popular, but didn’t wind up getting it until after all the hype wore off.

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