Op Shop Finds: My toddler is an Op Shop Ninja

op shop finds thrifted vintage road runner coyote puzzle

Meep Meep!

These aren’t my op shop purchases. I have a little Op Shop Ninja. It seems the thrifting gene has passed to my 2 year old.  This is a good thing.  I think!?

On a nice wintery Wednesday a couple weeks back, my little girl and I were out for a bike ride (she’s on the back of my retro cruiser) & had 20 minutes to kill before picking up our weekly veggie order.  We popped into the Boys & Girls Club Op Shop on Stoubridge St in Christchurch.

  As op shops go, this is one of the few I would consider bringing my child to.

  Its small, pretty quiet, there isn’t a whole lot of breakable stuff, and because its close to the West Spreydon School, it seems to get a bunch of childrens books, like the Little Golden Books she loves.

I was quite surprised what caught her eye, as I was sure she would head for the stuffed toys.  I’ve noticed she’s a keen observer, and it appeared that she was actually thinking about what she wanted rather than doing a mad grab for anything and everything.

Thrifted drink bottle Op Shop Finds

Just like Mummy’s

Growing up, I had hand-me downs, home made clothes and 2nd hand toys mixed in with new stuff, and it didnt’ kill me. By bringing these op shopped goods into our house I am hoping to teach our little girl to be a conscious consumer. To look for quality and durability over new and shiny and disposable.

Op Shop finds thrifted kitty puzzle

Winding up Dad is also in the DNA

Best part: She’s inherited our warped sense of humour. Our little girl made a point of getting the kitty puzzle for Daddy…. Dad just LOVES cats (not!)

Have your kids/grandkids picked up anything interesting at the Thrift shops? Come home with some thing crazy?

 I’d love you to share your thrifting strategy or your own op shopping experiences in the comments below.  I’m all about sharing the knowledge, but if you’re one of those Op Shopping Ninjas who thrives on a stealth mission, I get and respect that too!

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9 responses to “Op Shop Finds: My toddler is an Op Shop Ninja

  1. That’s neat 🙂 My granddaughter and I had a 6 year long tradition of op-shopping together, until she moved away to Nelson. She never asked to go to any other shops for treats and always got very excited before getting there….her parents were less excited about all the stuff she took home 🙂 We got heaps of books that way, then doll’s clothes then she became an obsessive jewelry box collector!

  2. Fab post! Absolutely, train ’em up young.

    My daughter always makes a beeline for the good stuff and also likes to seek out squirrel stuff for Grandad (he hates them wit a passion!)

  3. I’d love to have a little ninja with me! Taking little ones is definitely a great way to introduce them. I voted it depends on the shop, but thinking about it, thrift shops.. they really are all family friendly, besides a couple in the downtown core here that you wouldn’t want to bring your kids too, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    There’s just some people who let their kids run wild in there! It’s cray!

    ♥ Sir Thrift-A-Lot
    Thanks for linking up with THRIFTASAURUS!

  4. Hi Sir Thrift A Lot…I always kinda wondered. I didn’t go to our local op shop growing up, but I think that’s because it was so massive. The SOS is epic and really well known on Vancouver Island. I think Mum was afraid shed lose us!

  5. i’m a big fan of kids getting into op-shopping. Clauds first point and purchace was when she was very young too, in the backpack down the oppy and she started fiercely gesticulating and saying “cat, cat, cat” and she’d spied a vintage tin decorated with a moggy. of course we bought it, it now houses her copious (op-shopped) bead collection!
    I LOVE the kitty puzzles, soo cutesy!

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