Wardrobe Wednesday: This Mum Rocks Some Good Socks

This Mum Rocks Good Socks Wardrobe Wednesday Kiwi Wiomens Style

J’aime mes chausettes. The Bonjour socks

This week I’ve been wearing Good Socks.  I’ve followed Wardrobe Wednesday for several months now.  After commenting on one of Kelly’s posts about wearing lucky socks  I figured I should do a post about my recent wardobe additions.

This Mum Rocks Good Socks Wardrobe Wednesday

Like a caffeine fix for your feet.

I first heard about Good Socks after reading a post Lucy from Recooper8 wrote on supporting Featherston businesses.  Then Emma, from Small Town Stories and Emma Makes wrote a post on them as well.  After that I knew I had to go shopping!

This Mum Rocks Good Socks Wardrobe WEdnesday Bomjour Socks

However, I first spied Good Socks on several pairs of feet at Featherston’s Music & Movement for toddlers before I knew the business existed (I just figured Featherston Mums were really adventurous with their choice in socks)

This Mum Rocks Good Socks Wardrobe Wednesday Cecilia knee socks

The Cecilia Socks: Oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart…

To sum up why I like Good Socks:   “Business on the outside, Party on the inside.”  Its pretty hard to have a bad day when wearing cheerful socks like this.  I’m the kind of person who wears rainbow striped toe socks with work attire and boots.

This Mum Rocks Good Socks Wardrobe Wednesday Cecilia knee socks

They’re good quality and keep my feet and legs warm too!

Do you have funky socks too?  I’d love to see.  Post on Wardrobe Wednesday

Linking up with Kelly and Wardrobe Wednesday at Kiwi Women’s Style.

9 responses to “Wardrobe Wednesday: This Mum Rocks Some Good Socks

  1. WHAT? When did you start wearing socks – you’ve been anti sock ever since I met you! Oh how times have changed – and toe socks to boot! WOW! I love funky socks. My newest ones are knee high orange and pink cat ones with black stripes!

    • I know! And I would give you grief about wearing socks to bed!! Then I moved to Queenstown where the flat was cold and was stuck wearing a boring black work uniform. That and when wearing boots, they always seemed so big (I don’t typically wear skinny jeans with my boots, but leggings or a skirt)

  2. You are right Heather – those are absolutely gorgeous. Thankfully the boys gave me some gorgeous new socks last weekend for mothers day (I know whoops we did it all a week early), so I’m in the club!

    Thanks for sharing with Wardrobe Wednesday – hope to see you again next week xxx

  3. Hmmm, perhaps, have just been given an gift certificate to Sailor Spy. Am seriously crushing on her Satin Trimmed Henly top. Nin’s Friday night rainy dress would be perfect for a night out with the girls, but its been ages…missing my old local the Royal Hotel and catching up with the rest of the Feddy Fantails

  4. Damn girlfriend, those socks are so bad ass! I’m tempting to get some and I’m not even a sock person, more stockings! What’s the stretch like? I have chubby legs and find a lot of the knee highs, well, during school I did :p I found them so right and really hurt 😦

  5. The blue ones definately stretch better than the orange ones, but the orange ones still have a good bit of give. The next pairs I’m eying up are a red over the knee pair, called the Heidi, and a navy and white one called Nina. Jen, I could totally see you rocking some cool colourful printed stockings.

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