This Mum Rocks – In case you missed today’s broadcast: Featherston Playcentre Info

Featherston Playcentre Hours of Operation

Featherston Playcentre's Hours of Operation

A big thanks to Danni from the Featherston Playcentre for joining me on todays broadcast of This Mum Rocks.

In case you missed this afternoon’s show, Featherston Playcentre is now based in their new digs, room 4 at Featherston School, Lyon Street, Featherston.

Session Times (during School Term):   Mondays 9:15am-11:45am

         Fridays   9:15am – 11:45am

Featherston Playcentre pic for This Mum Rocks March Playcentre ArrowFM Broadcast

Plenty of Fun at the Featherston Playcentre

Enrollments: Currently accepting enrollments – they offer 3 free visits for those who want to test the waters. Each session has space for 15 under 2 year olds and 5 little ones over 2 (that’s what they’re licensed for).

Featherston Playcentre pic of Rockin Horse for This Mum Rocks

Having a Rockin good time @ Featherston Playcentre

For More Info phone: 0800 000 102


check out their Facebook page here

Featherston Playcdentre Logo

If you’re interested in the Playcentre Organization you check out their website here

🙂 Heather

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