TOYS TOYS & MORE TOYS! 5 Good Reasons to Join a Toy Library

Too many socks & “unique” gifts from Aunty Mavis and not enough toys under the Xmas tree this year?  Need a bit more variety in your little one’s toy box?


I’m a huge fan of our local Toy Library.  For a nominal annual fee I’ve found great pieces to temporarily add to Rowdy Hannah Riley’s toy collection.  We’re pretty lucky, as the Toy Library is right next door to our local Library so books & toys get chosen during the same trip!

I checked out our Toy Library when Hannah was 4mths old and Aunty K suggested I could save us some $$ and rent an exer-saucer long term.  Now very hip Aunty K is the last person I would have picked to visit a Toy Library, but trust her to search out an awesome find.   Sure enough, they had 2 & since then we’ve been hooked!

This is what we have out on loan at the moment:

This Mum Rocks Toy Library Dog Walker


This Mum Rocks Toy Library Rental Lego Table

Hours of Fun with this Lego Table

Why Toy Libaries Rock: ( Courtesy of the folks from the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand)

For more details on where to find your nearest Toy Library, click here

🙂 Heather

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