I’m Heather.  I live in Featherston  New Zealand with my other half Ewan, my little rowdy Hannah Riley, and mad dog Brew.

A Canadian who met & married a Kiwi, I’m now in my 30’s with a young  bub trying to make sense of this thing called parenthood/adulthood.

I started this blog as a compliment to This Mum Rocks,  the weekly radio programme I record & broadcast that airs Thursdays @ 3.30 on ArrowFM 92.7. This Mum Rocks is an hour long programme that is a 50/50 mix of music & South Wairarapa info.  Like the radio programme, I aim  to have a bit of fun with this Blog as well as  give some info & insight into the cool things you can do with little ones.


  • Hometown: Parksville BC Canada
  • Fave Band:  Sloan
  • Fave Song Lyric at present:  “Its like paradise, spread out with a butter knife” Mother Mother
  • Top 2 Concert Experiences:
    1. Little Bushman with NZ Symphony at Wellington Town Hall  2009 – blew me away. Had never heard them before that night – spent the concert up at the front with a totally stunned/overwhelmed look on my face (and I was completely sober!)
    2. Sloan – @ Legends Victoria 2003 One of the best surprises – I had just finished a 6mth x-Canada camping trip & didn’t know they were in town.  Jay Ferguson was sick, but they still gave an awesome performance. 
  • 1st Music Festival: Meritt Mountain Music Festival @ 14 – in the days before concert wristbands, was completely embarassed by my Mum who had the nerve to ask a really cute shop worker for shoelaces so we could make our own.
  • Fave S.Wai activity for kids:  Lovebugs Music & Movement on Wednesdays @ 10,  St. Johns Church, Featherston
  • Unusual quirks:  Strange compulsion to wear plaid hats (see pic above) & the fact that I know how to make large batches of smoked sausages.

I’m not really a slow-song kinda girl – so you’re not likely to hear/read stuff  relating to the likes of Brooke Fraser, Hayley Westenra, Celine Dion, Adele, Martha Stewart, Donna Hay etc etc.  These ladies are fantastic & very talented, just not my cuppa tea!

I hope you’ve liked this intro to This Mum Rocks.  In the sidebar you’ll find a way to subscribe to This Mum Rocks, which will deliver new postings directly to your email.  If you like what you read/hear, I’d love to hear from you:  thismumrocks@gmail.com.  Or, you could bookmark the This Mum Rocks page or feel free to click the comment button below & let me know what you think.

I’m planning to post a new blog entry about every week, so stay tuned for the next post.

😮 Heather

2 responses to “Heya

    • Yes, George will always have a special place in my heart. (Always a sucker for a cowboy with a cheeky grin!) Am still kicking myself that I didn’t see him in concert in ’03. Definately on my bucket list of concerts to see.

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